About me:

I am Vivienne Roberts.  And I am currently on maternity leave, if you’re wondering at the poor posting of articles recently.

I’m from South Africa and was extremely fortunate to have joined the energy revolution during the inception and implementation of the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme.  That’s a mouthful, let’s call it REIPPPP.

What this has meant is that I have worked on some massive renewable energy projects.  I’ve been the project and technical manager in a two year owner’s engineer role during the construction of a 75MW solar PV facility.  I’ve carried out contract reviews on utility scale projects.  I’ve been exposed to a myriad of technical issues that arise during construction and operations and I’ve seen what happens when a contract is poorly developed or poorly administered.

In parallel, I’ve worked on projects focused on improving the resilience of communities, energy efficiency projects and small scale renewables projects.  I’ve worked on electricity savings campaigns and the Rockefeller’s City Resilience Index.  This on top of economic development index calculations for large scale renewables projects, energy efficiency improvements in buildings and the development of various tender and RFP specifications.

I wrote the Arup five minute guide on small scale rooftop PV installations, the City of Cape Town’s State of Energy report and have been a lead or co-author of various other published energy reports over the years (see examples 1 and 2 – written under Vivienne Walsh).

I’m a mechanical engineer, a project management professional (PMP), a certified energy manager, and I’ve completed my CIMA accounting studies just prior to needing to start the articles part.  I’m a multi-skilled, all round energy champion and I’m available for hire if you need help on your energy project.


  1. David Hemson says:

    Really appreciated your summary piece and would like more as it becomes available. Advice about links to other basic documentation would be appreciated…

  2. mark says:

    Hi Vivian,
    look up Bruce Mountain – he is a UCT graduate who lives in Melbourne and has been reporting and advising government on renewable energy policy for many years now – I’m sure he would love to chat to you
    Send him my regards if you do make contact
    Mark Bleloch

    PS Enjoy your blog

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