Do you need some help on an energy project?

I’ve written extensively on EPC contracts, what’s being going on in the energy sector around the world and I’ve been publishing a regular energy newsletter.  This on top of several projects I’ve done with international energy consultancies and local governments.

This has given me a great understanding of the global energy context, the problems and opportunities that exist, and the technical challenges faced by energy developers and regional authorities.

Let’s have a chat

I’m currently working for an engineering consultancy, but always happy to have a chat.  Particularly if you’re interested in:

  • contract technical review
  • assistance with project technical due diligence reviews
  • input on project management or contract administration
  • development of tender or other procurement specifications
  • energy policy development or review
  • facility performance or building energy efficiency analysis
  • research, writing and technical report editing help
  • many, many other things

Contact me, and I’ll get back to you quick smart.  We can look at what you need, and how I can assist.